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Background documentationAn Application and its Components


The following figure illustrates the basic set up for all reporting scenarios:

Figure 1 shows the encapsulation of several Web Dynpro (WD) components within one Web Dynpro Application. Per reporting scenario, you have to create one WD application, and then pull in the various FPM and HR reporting re-use components. (Apart from the encapsulating WD application in this figure, all the rectangles are technically speaking WD components).

All of the Web Dynpro components mentioned in this section are for re-use. You will not be required to create any new components when you create your own reporting service.

You can re-use these components by creating your own component configurations. Depending on your reporting scenario, you will use some of the following elements:

  • the Document Display UIBB for the output of your report

  • the FORM GUIBB to configure any input fields for the end user

  • the LIST GUIBB if the user is to choose an entry from a table

Note Note

A list or a form is the usual case. In some less common cases where the employee needs to make some entries, which generates a list, and then makes a selection from the list which only then creates a form, you will need to use both FORM and LIST GUIBBS.

End of the note.