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  Creating a Data Cleansing Case


From business partner search, you can create data cleansing cases for potential duplicates, which are then sent by the system to the data cleansing worklist for further processing.


You are in business partner maintenance in the SAP GUI.

Select the business partner in the business partner search locator, for which you want to carry out a duplicate check.

Create a data cleansing case using the right-hand mouse button.

Enter additional control data in the data cleansing dialog box, which will make finding the data cleansing case easier at a later date.

Specify the person who is to process the data cleansing case.

Enter a short note for the person responsible with regard to the data cleansing case if necessary.

Select the priority of the data cleansing case.


The system creates a data cleansing case for the selected business partner and places it in the data cleansing worklist. To continue with the data cleansing you have to leave business partner maintenance and call data cleansing.