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Function documentationMelting Group


In the Floorplan Manager (FPM), melting groups are a way of presenting fields next to each other. This is useful where a field only has meaning when qualified by another field. A typical example is amount and currency; neither one on its own is particularly meaningful, so we can put them together in a melting group.


  1. Go to your Form UIBB configuration in change mode.

  2. Choose Group: General Data in the hierarchy on the left.

  3. Choose Add Melting Group and then Configure melting group in succession.

    A dialog box with your field catalogue is displayed.

  4. In this dialog box, choose the fields BRUTT and WAERS from the available fields and move them over to the displayed fields.

  5. Choose OK.

  6. In the hierarchy on the left, choose the WAERS field in the melting group.

  7. For WAERS, set the Display Type to Text view.

  8. Set the label Visibility to None.

  9. For BRUTT set the Text to Gross Remuneration.

  10. If necessary, delete other usages of the field BRUTT (select field in hierarchy, then Delete button in the attribute maintenance to the right).

  11. If necessary, to change the sequence of fields within a group, select the group in the hierarchy, then button Configure Group. A dialog box is displayed.

  12. In the dialog box use the Change Sequence buttons to move the fields or field groups up or down.

  13. Modify the method GET_DATA in your feeder class, so that the currency is always output as EUR.

    Syntax Syntax

    1. field-symbols <ls_data> type 'HRXSS_DE_GHR_VC_VCDATA. “ as field cat.
        assign cs_data to ls_data> casting.
    2. * set currency 'EUR' as default
    3. <ls_data>-waers = 'EUR'.
    4. ev_data_changed = abap_true.
    End of the code.
  14. Test your application in the usual way, see Test Your Application.