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 Interfaces to Other SAP System Components


To transfer cost-accounting relevant postings in real-time from other SAP components, you can use a central interface (AC interface), which controls the updating of actual data within the SAP system.

You can also use the AC interface (RWIN)

  • To integrate user-defined functions into the business transaction flow

You can make additional checks that are not provided for by SAP.

Note Note

You should modify the FI/CO interface only in cooperation with the SAP consulting services, because incorrect settings can lead to inconsistencies in the updated data..

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  • To collect data from other SAP components when using distributed systems ( Application Link Enabling ).

  • To collect data from external systems

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The RW interface default settings enable all Controlling-relevant postings to be transferred, in real-time, to Controlling. The system makes checks and updates data in the interface.

Note Note

If you would like to remove certain components from this integration, then you need to make settings for each particular case in the corresponding program control tables.

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Communication between the FI and CO application components is controlled by the AC interface.

The data issued from an application component is transferred to the AC interface. The AC interface transfers the data to the receiver component. This then receives the incoming data via one of the following collection interfaces:

  • The GL interface for Financial Accounting (FI)

  • The AM interface for Asset Management (FI-AA)

  • The CO interface for Controlling (CO)