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 Temporal Validity


You can use business temporal validity for data of the Business Partner, for example, for the following data:

  • Central data

  • Roles

  • Address data

  • Address usages (with full time dependency )

  • Communication Data

  • Identification numbers

  • Bank details

  • Payment cards

You can create validity periods for this data in the dialog of the Business Partner.


You can distribute time-dependent data to other applications using report BUPTDTRANSMIT. This applies in particular to applications that support time dependency (for example, SAP NetWeaver BI). For more information, see the documentation for this report.

Report BP_TD_SWITCH enables you to convert planned changes . For more information, see the documentation for this report.


You have activated time dependency for the relevant data. Make the necessary settings in Customizing of the Business Partner under Activation Switch for Functions.

For more information see the SAP Note 810634.


You can use the following functions in the dialog:

  • Displaying the validity periods for the data

  • Creating and changing validity periods for the data


Choose the pushbutton Role Detail above the tabstrip to display the validity data for the roles (for example, for all the roles valid on a key date).


Address Usage

Your customer, Mr. Meyer, informs you that he will be on vacation for three weeks from the 01.08.2005. During this time his correspondence should be forwarded to his hotel. Any deliveries of goods should, however, still be sent to the currently known address, where they will be received by neighbors. Mr. Meyer stayed in the same hotel last year, and inquires whether this address is still stored in the system. You find the vacation address in the system and receive the information that correspondence was sent to this address last summer.

You create the following business partner master data:

  • An address usage correspondence address for Mr. Meyer’s vacation address with the validity period 01.08. to 21.08.

    The system automatically determines that the mail is sent to the currently relevant correspondence address from the 22.08.

  • An address usage delivery address for the currently known address, with no restrictions on the validity.