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Function documentationCurriculum Type


A curriculum type represents a structured training program that is designed to impart a coherent set of skills and knowledge. The curriculum type consists of various courses types known as elements. The elements can have different delivery methods. The elements can be assigned rules. The elements with rules are as follows:

Elements with sequence rules

The learner must complete these courses in a specified order in the curriculum. Courses with the web-based training delivery method can also be assigned a fixed sequence rule within the curriculum type.

Elements without sequence rules

The learner can take these courses in any order or at any time during completion of the curriculum.

Note that while creating curriculum, the course for the elements with sequence rules are specified first and then the courses for the elements without sequence rules.


The learner can view the following features displayed on the Curriculum Type screen:

  • Message area

    Appropriate messages are displayed based on the following activities by the learner:

    • Booking of curriculum

    • Canceling of a curriculum

    • Canceling of individual courses in a curriculum

    • Adding or removing a curriculum type from favorites

  • On the left hand side of the screen, the following details are displayed:

    • Delivery method of curriculum

    • General data

    • Booking summary

    • Additional links

      Displays the following information:

      • Target group

        Displays a list of mandatory and nonmandatory group of learners for which this curriculum is designed.

      • Links to more information

        Displays a list of Web links containing more information about the curriculum type.

      • Follow up courses

        Displays a list of follow up courses by grouping delivery methods, and the learner can navigate to the Course page.

      • Participants list

        Displays a list of learners who have booked for this curriculum.

    • Add or remove from favorites

      The user can add or delete curriculum type from the Favorites list.

  • On the right hand side of the screen, the following details are displayed:

    • Curriculum type description

    • Prerequisites

      Displays a list of qualification prerequisites and course prerequisites that the learner should have attained before booking the curriculum.

    • Attainable qualifications

      Displays a list of qualifications and the level of proficiency that the learner can attain on successful completion of a curriculum.

    • Curriculum dates

      Displays the list of all scheduled curriculum dates with the following filter values:

      • From and to date

      • Location

      • Language

    • Course dates

      Displays a list of all scheduled courses (curriculum elements) within the curriculum date range with the following information:

      • Course type description

      • Date (If a single date is present, it is preselected).

      • Course schedule

      • Seats available

      • Fee

      • Link to the Course Type screen


The learner can perform the following activities:

  • Book a curriculum directly if the learner fulfills the prerequisites

  • Cancel a curriculum

  • Cancel individual courses

  • Navigate to curriculum level and book or cancel

  • Navigate to course type level and book or cancel

  • Navigate to course level and book or cancel

  • Add curriculum type to favorites

  • Navigate to the Qualification screen

  • Launch web-based trainings