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 Cancel Billing Run


  1. On the Billing Screen , choose Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step Logs End of the navigation path or go to theSAPEasy Access screen and choose Start of the navigation path Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step Information system Next navigation step Billing Documents Next navigation step V.21 - Log of Collective Run End of the navigation path .

  2. Enter data as required and choose Execute.

  3. Position your cursor on a row and choose Documents .

  4. Choose Cancel All .


All of the billing documents of a collective run are cancelled. The resulting cancelled billing documents are grouped under a collective processing number with collective processing type 'S' and can be displayed by choosing Start of the navigation path Billing Document Next navigation step Logs. End of the navigation path

You can bill the preceding documents of the cancelled billing documents again by following the procedure described.

Example Example

You want to bill a customer's orders. You start the collective run. Although you want to create an invoice for the customer for all four orders, the system only creates an invoice for three of them. A system message tells you the reason this did not work: An order is blocked for billing because pricing still needs to be checked. You therefore cancel the collective run, check the blocked order, and release it, if possible. You then restart the collective run. You now have one collective invoice for all of the customer's orders.

End of the example.