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With the pushbutton Settings or via the menu entry Extras -> Settings you make the settings that help you in your work with the Business Partner interface.


The dialog box Settings consists of the tab pages General and Authorization Overview .

On the tab page General you determine the settings that you already want to have each time you log on to the system. The system saves these settings under your user name, so that the same settings are already there each time you log on to the system.

You can choose the following options for the initial screen of the business partner dialog and of the business partner relationship processing:

  • Display

  • Change

  • Setting last selected

You can set an indicator in order to

  • receive a security check when you create a business partner in a different role

  • be able to sort the relevant list when you mark a column heading

You can select the following display options for the locator :

  • Narrow

  • Full screen

  • Hidden

On the tab page Authorization Overview you can display your authorizations for the various activities during the processing of business partners:

  • for each business partner category

  • for each business partner role

  • for each business partner relationship category