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Procedure documentationAdd Buttons to (G)UIBB 'Open in New Window'


When you use the Document display UIBB, it is necessary that you add the following button in your configuration of it. Of course it is possible to add buttons to other (G)UIBBs in exactly the same fashion as described here.


  1. Go to your OVP component configuration in change mode.

  2. Open Content Area: MAIN_SCREEN in the hierarchy on the left

  3. Choose the UIBB FVS_OUTPUT (Document Display UIBB).

  4. Choose Add Toolbar Element, followed by menu point Add to UIBB.

    A dialog box is displayed.

  5. In this dialog box, ghoose Button (not OK).

    A new button appears inside the UIBB.

  6. In the Text field, enter the text for your button, for example Open in New Window.

  7. In the FPM Event ID field, enter the name of the reuse HRGRT_OPEN_POPUP (you must type this in by hand, unlike for the other events).

    Note Note

    The processing is taken care of for you as this is an event already available to as part of the Document Display UIBB component controller.

    End of the note.
  8. Choose Save.

  9. Use the link at the top of this window to go to the application configuration and choose Test. Then choose your new button on the Result screen.


The system generates a dialog box.