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 Document Flow


You can use this function to display the document flow for a notification as a list or network graphic. The document flow allows you to identify:

  • Preceding documents (documents from which the current notification originated)

  • Subsequent documents (documents that originated from the current notification)

  • "To-and-from" references between documents

Each document contains the following information:

  • Document description

  • Document number

  • Additional data (if available)

  • Logical system (if any of the other documents was created in a logical system other than the one in which the original notification was created)

You can also display the detailed information for each document.


The document flow is integrated in the following processes:

  • Materials Management (MM)

  • Production Planning and Control (PP)

  • Sales and Distribution (SD)

  • Customer Service (CS)

  • Plant Maintenance (PM)

  • Financial Accounting (FI)

  • Controlling (CO)

  • Project System (PS)


The document flow, for example, can display the following objects (among others):

  • Quality notification

  • Service notification

  • Maintenance notification

  • General notification

  • Claim

  • Service order

  • Sales order

  • Production order

  • Run schedule header

  • Goods movement

  • Purchase order

  • Inspection lot