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Function documentationCreation of Personal Favorites


Employees can use this function to manage their timesheet data in the CATS regular (Web Dynpro ABAP) user interface.


You can create a personal favorite for each combination of user and data entry profile, which is valid for users who can record data for multiple data entry profiles.

Employees can use this function to do the following:

  • Save a favorite with or without times

  • Mark a favorite without times as their default favorite, which works like a personal template

  • Import one or more favorites at the same time to their timesheet. Even if an employee imports a combination of favorites both with and without times, the system first imports those with times, performs a consistency check, and then imports those without times. When employees import a favorite, the time period displayed in the table is automatically filled.

  • Organize their favorites by changing the name, changing the default favorite, or deleting a favorite at any time. Employees cannot change the content of a favorite, and can have one default favorite at any point in time.