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  Account Interface (Transfer Category 73)


You can find out what information needs to be delivered when transferring contract account data to the Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable system from the description of the contract account. The following section contains explanatory information about how you can apply these functions, and what you must watch out for with data transfer.


Partner–Account Assignment

An n:m relationship between account and business partner is possible in the SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable system:

  • A business partner can have multiple accounts.

  • Multiple business partners can be assigned to an account, one business partner is defined as the account holder (in more complex scenarios you can support one account per industry sector or budget).

A prerequisite for this is that you have defined whether accounts for the respective contract account category can belong to more than one business partner, in Customizing for the definition of contract account categories.

External/Internal Account Numbers

Either external number assignment (number comes from operational system) or internal number assignment (number comes from SAP system) can be set for a contract account by using the contract account category.

External Partner Numbers

You can find out about how you transfer business partner numbers from the operational systems to the SAP system in the section entitled Transfer of Partner Numbers to Different Interfaces .

The transfer procedure described therein is valid for all business partners that you can address in the account, which means that it is valid for alternative payers/payment recipients, alternative dunning recipients and alternative correspondence recipients.