Start Level 1 Node: Replication and Synchronization of Business PartnersReplication and Synchronization of Business PartnersEnd Level 1 Node: Replication and Synchronization of Business Partners
   Start Level 2 Node: Making Settings for Business PartnersMaking Settings for Business PartnersEnd Level 2 Node: Making Settings for Business Partners
   Start Level 2 Node: Making Settings for CRM MiddlewareMaking Settings for CRM MiddlewareEnd Level 2 Node: Making Settings for CRM Middleware
   Start Level 2 Node: Making Settings for Customer/Vendor IntegrationMaking Settings for Customer/Vendor IntegrationEnd Level 2 Node: Making Settings for Customer/Vendor Integration
   Start Level 2 Node: Making Settings for the Postprocessing OfficeMaking Settings for the Postprocessing OfficeEnd Level 2 Node: Making Settings for the Postprocessing Office