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 Number Range


Area in which numbers are assigned that refer to business objects of the same type. Examples of objects:

  • Business partners

  • G/L accounts

  • Orders

  • Posting documents

  • Materials

One or more number range intervals are specified for each number range, as well as the type of number assignment.

There are two types of number assignment:

  • Internal

    When saving a data record, the SAP system assigns a sequential number that lies within the corresponding number range interval.

  • External

    When saving a data record, either the user or an external system assigns a number. The number must lie within the corresponding number range interval.

    Note Note

    You maintain number ranges Start of the navigation path in Customizing for Controlling under GeneralControlling Next navigation step Organization Next navigation step Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents End of the navigation path .

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The system generates a document number for each business transaction. Business transactions are classified according to CO transactions.

Example Example

The business transaction Direct Internal Activity Allocation belongs to the Controlling transaction Actual Activity Allocation .

End of the example.

This means that you must assign each transaction to a number range interval. It is also possible to define multiple business transactions in one number range interval.

The Controlling component provides a large number of transactions for each controlling area.