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The relationship type Is Replaced By describes the fact that a business partner is taking the place of another business partner.


The replacement relationship is significant in the context of data cleansing. You have compared the data of two business partners (BP1 and BP2) and have flagged one of the two business partners (BP2) for archiving. However, the archiving checks carried out have shown that BP2 has dependent attributes that cannot be reassigned to BP1. If important objects, for example orders, are involved this means that BP2 cannot be archived for the time being, although it has been flagged for archiving.

In this case you can create a replacement relationship for BP2. If you want to process BP2 then you receive the warning in business partner maintenance that this business partner has been flagged for archiving and that you should now make the changes to BP1.


The relationship type Is Replaced By is valid for all business partner categories; i.e. person, organization and group.

During data cleansing it is recommended that you compare only business partners of the same business partner category.