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You can create Authorizations , which enable you to specify which actions individual users are allowed to execute in the SAP System.

SAP provides standard authorization objects that allow you to define authorizations. An authorization object consists of individual fields, the content of which determines whether you may execute a given activity.

You use the default authorization objects to define authorizations.

Authorizations that cover a differentiated set of tasks can be grouped together into an authorization profile.

You can then group the individual profiles into composite profiles .

You enter the profile or composite profile into your user master record.


If you want to execute an activity in the system, it uses the values you entered in the authorization fields to establish whether you are authorized to do so.

Note Note

This section only deals with the most important aspects of issuing authorizations in CO-OM areas of responsibility.

You define authorizations in customizing (IMG) for the relevant component in Overhead Cost Controlling. To do so, go to Customizing under Controlling →

End of the note.
  • Cost Center Accounting → Authorizations Management → Maintain Authorizations and Profiles

  • Cost Element Accounting → Define Authorizations and Profiles

  • Internal Orders → Maintain Authorizations

There is also information on maintaining authorizations and profiles.

For information on the SAP system authorization concept, see the SAP Library, under Basis Components → Computing Center Management System → BC Users and Roles