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 Editing Descriptor Symbols


This procedure describes how you insert or change symbols of symbol type Descriptor in the document template. Descriptor symbols relate to phrase data in phrase management .

If you want to insert phrase data for a phrase-enabled characteristic, you must insert a specification symbol (see Editing Specification or Parameter Symbols and Selecting the Correct Symbol Type ).


See the “Prerequisites” section under Document Template Layout Editing .


Position the cursor at the point in the document template where you want to insert or edit the symbol of type Descriptor .

Select the required symbol in the symbol tree or in the document template.

There are various search functions available below the symbol tree (see Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI) ).

You must specify whether you want to insert a descriptor symbol in a report template or a cover sheet template because the expansion time set in the standard system is different for each type of document.

Symbol key for the report template:

EHS_L*(icon : Expansion time Report body )

Symbol key for the cover sheet template:

EHS_H*(icon : Expansion time Final report )

The selected symbol is displayed on the Descriptor tab page.

On the Descriptor tab page, check the system entries for the Phrase Library and Phrase Group fields (see with the quick info text WWI Settings ) and change the entries if necessary. No entry is needed in the Phrase Group field. The field is intended only to further restrict the search.

You can enter search criteria in the Phrase Text field. Note the following:

The search is case-sensitive.

Generic entries using wildcards (*) are possible, for example,*aid*would yield First Aid: Eye

Choose with the quick info text Find .

The phrases found are displayed in the dialog box.

Insert the required phrase by double-clicking it or choose one of the following functions:

Insert WWI Object in Template to insert the new symbol

Edit WWI Object in Template to change an existing symbol in the report template


The system inserts the symbol for the phrase in the document template. An example of such a symbol is<03EHS_L_TEXT(CED-01.00000030>. This symbol is made up as follows:

Part of Symbol



Symbol type03(symbol type Descriptor )


Key for the symbol name (controls if the output is to be as text, code, or phrase, and so on, and the expansion time)


Phrase library in which the phrase is contained


Phrase key

If the phrase is not found in the required language when the report is generated, the entry is output as follows:

**phrase library-phrase key**