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A course is a structured process defined by a training provider aimed at imparting skills and knowledge. The learner can view detailed information relevant to a selected course. The course can be either a time-dependent course or a time-independent course. The displayed information varies depending on the delivery method of the course.

Courses with the same objective are grouped to form Course Types.


The learner can view the following information:

  • Type of delivery method

  • General data

    • Name of the training provider

    • Name of the training tutor

    • Duration of the course

    • Number of available seats

    • Fees charged for the course

  • Booking summary

    • Location of the course

    • Languages in which the course is available

    • Booking status (Booked, Awaiting Approval, or Not Booked)

    • Course date

  • Additional links

    • Target groups

      Displays the target group at which the course is aimed.

    • Follow-up courses

      Indicates the courses that the learner needs to undertake after completion of the course program.

    • Curricula

      Displays a list of curricula that includes the course.

    • Participants list

      Displays a list of booked and wait-listed participants.

    • More information

      Contains web links or knowledge links related to the course.

    • Add to favorites

      Add a course to the favorite list. The learner can also remove a course from the favorite list.

  • Course description

    Displays a general description of the course and its content.

  • Attainable qualifications

    Displays qualifications and the level of proficiency that the learner can attain on successful completion of the course.

  • Prerequisites

    Displays the prerequisite qualifications that the learner should have already obtained or the prerequisite courses that the learner should have already completed before booking a course. If the learner does fulfill the prerequisites, the learner can navigate directly to the list of required courses.

  • Course schedule

    Displays the course schedule in detail.

  • Learning progress

    Displays the learning progress details.


The learner can perform the following activities:

  • Book or cancel a course

  • Add a course to favorites