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Object documentationKey Indication (Infotype 7400)


Infotype in which the system defines whether a job or position is indicated as a key job or key position. The system uses different statuses. For more information, see Status Handling in Talent Management.


In the Key Indication infotype, the system defines the following information:

  • Status Nominated or Approved

  • ID of the central person of the user that set the status Nominated or Approved

  • Reason for nomination or approval

  • If applicable: ID of the central person of the user that rejected the key indication and reason for rejection

  • Indicator as to whether the key indication was automatic

    The indicator is set if you use the Setting and Resetting Key Indications report (RPTMC_SET_KEY_INDICATION). For more information, see the documentation for this report.

  • If the user has created a note for his or her nomination, approval, or rejection: ID and document class of this note


A talent management specialist nominates one of the positions from his or her area of responsibility as a key position and thus specifies Critical Key Position (Nominated) as the reason. For this position, the system creates a record for the Key Indication infotype and stores the Nominated status and the reason in the record. However, after a discussion in the talent review meeting, the talent management specialist rejects the nomination as a key position and specifies Misjudgment as the reason. The system thus delimits the previously created infotype record on the delimitation date and stores the reason for the rejection in the record.