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Function documentationCourse Catalog


The learner can navigate to the course catalog that the company provides on the intranet. The course catalog consists of internal courses and also courses purchased by the company from external providers. Courses may be available with several different delivery methods, such as web-based or classroom training.

The learner can connect an external course catalog from a third-party system to the SAP Learning Solution. This allows the learner to integrate external courses such as external web based-trainings (WBTs) into the learner’s existing catalog.


The learner can view the course catalog in the following ways:

  • Top-level list view

    Displays all of the courses thematically in groups of subject areas (Course Group). You can display the courses that are offered under a subject area. The courses are listed based on their delivery methods.

  • Hierarchical view

    Displays all the top level subject areas as nodes of a tree. The learner can expand a particular subject area node to see the courses offered under that subject area.


The learner can navigate to selected courses or curriculum page.