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 Deleting Business Partners


You can delete temporary business partners that are no longer needed, or business partners that were loaded into a system by mistake without archiving these data records beforehand.

In this way the volume of data is reduced and performance is improved.


You can delete business partners from your database in two ways:

  • One-step procedure

    Using the transaction Deletion of Business Partners (BUPA_DEL), you can delete the following business partners from your system:

    • BPs that you select using the business partner number

    • BPs that have been given a deletion or archiving flag

    • BPs that have the system status deletable

      You can also carry out a test run.

  • Two-step procedure

    1. In preparation for the delete operation, you can firstly determine the data records for deletion and set the relevant system status using the transaction Set Deletion or Archiving Flag (BUPA_PRE_DA).

      For more information, see the report documentation.

    2. Following this, you carry out the actual delete operation using the transaction Deletion of Business Partners (BUPA_DEL). To do this, you need to have set the flag deletable as the parameter.

In both cases, the system checks beforehand whether the business partners intended for archiving are still being actively used in the system. These checks are defined in the BDT event DELE1. You can also define other checks here.

Note Note

You can now delete complete business partner data records. It is not possible to delete only part of the business partner data.

End of the note.

You can also delete user-defined tables. To do this you must define appropriate function modules for the BDT event DELE2.

The business partners deleted from the system, as well as the business partners that are still being used and that cannot be deleted, are recorded in a log.

You can call up all the logs for your archiving object directly in the archive administration.