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Procedure documentationAdd Previous/ Next Button to List GUIBB


You can add previous and next buttons to your application configuration, and use the reuse events GC_EVENT_NEXT and GC_EVENT_PREVIOUS (HRGRT_NEXT and HRGRT_PREVIOUS in the configuration).


  1. At GET_DEFINITION you must call the super method GET_DEFINITION which exposes these event to the configuration for you.

  2. Then you create previous and next buttons in your application configuration and assign the events to them.

  3. In your code at GET_DATA you must react to these buttons by producing the form.

    For precise detail of how to code out GET_DATA, see Refining Method GET_DATA.

Recommendation Recommendation

If you use the words Previous xyz and Next xyz for toggling through a list, we recommend that in your OVP component configuration you assign the icons (in field Image) ICON_COLUMN_LEFT and ICON_COLUMN_RIGHT respectively to the buttons in the UI.

End of the recommendation.

Recommendation Recommendation

You should also assign the reuse event GC_EVENT_LINE_SELECT (HRGRT_LINESELECT in the configuration) in the list GUIBB configuration. This reuse event, as well as the previous and next events, signify that the user wants a new output, thus in GET_DATA your code should at all 3 of these events react by producing a new form.

End of the recommendation.