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Function documentationModifying Titles


There are several titles in your application, and this can be confusing. It is possible to have static or dynamically changing title texts. For example, depending on the period selection the employee has made, you want to insert that period into the title of the application.

Static Titles

If you want static titles, all you need is to set the texts for the OVP, LIST/FORM GUIBBs and Document Container components in the configuration, as you normally would. Since the dialog box title is not configurable as a static text, the system defaults the application title as the text for the dialog box. If this is enough for your application, you do not need to call any of the following methods.

Dynamic Titles

You can only set two titles dynamically:

  1. the application title

  2. the title for the dialog box (triggered from the button Open in New Window inside the reuse component HRGRT_FC_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY).

You can set the application title either statically in the application configuration, or you can do it dynamically with the super class method SET_APPL_TITLE.

The system defaults the dialog box text either statically from the application title configuration, or you can set it dynamically with the super class method SET_POPUP_TITLE. If you do not call SET_POPUP_TITLE, then the application title (dynamic if it is there, otherwise static) is duplicated for the dialog box title. Or in table format:



Pop-Up Title Taken from:



application configuration title



dynamic pop-up title



dynamic application title



dynamic pop-up title


As a preliminary step, you can at GET_DATA read the text of the main screen configuration with the super class method GET_DEFAULT_APPL_TITLE. This returns the text from the application configuration MAIN_SCREEN, which you may want as a building block for one of the following titles.


You can dynamically modify the OVP title with data you have in one of the components (for example, List UIBB).

Example Example

For example, you want to add the payroll period to the title, once the user has chosen the payroll period results to be shown from the list of periods. You can do this in GET_DATA in your feeder class by calling the super class (AC_HRGRT_REPORTING) method SET_APPL_TITLE.

End of the example.

Pop-up Title, Method SET_POPUP_TITLE

The dialog box which is called with the event HRGRT_OPEN_POPUP has a title which you can dynamically modify in GET_DATA in your feeder class by calling the super class (AC_HRGRT_REPORTING) method SET_POPUP_TITLE.

  • There is currently in the Document Container’s method SET_DOCUMENT a parameter IV_HEADER_TEXT. This parameter is currently not used for anything.

  • It is not possible (allowed) to change the title in the Document Display UIBB, because the information in the LIST above should be sufficient. Also, dynamic changing of the title would make the button to the right jump back and forth in the screen, if the dynamic titles were of different lengths, which could be irritating to the user.