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 Deleting Rebate Agreements


To delete a rebate agreement:

  1. In the Change rebate agreement screen, enter the number of the rebate agreement that you want to settle or determine the number by using the matchcodes.

  2. PressENTER .

  3. Select Start of the navigation path Agreement Next navigation step Delete Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  4. The system prompts you to confirm the deletion of the rebate agreement.

  5. PressENTER to delete the rebate agreement.


The rebate agreement receives status C (settlement created).

Note Note

The system uses a credit memo request to remove the accruals created on the basis of the rebate agreement. You can display the credit memo request for the rebate agreement via Start of the navigation path Payment Next navigation step Rebate documents. End of the navigation path

End of the note.