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Function documentationProcessing of Error Log for Talent Review Meetings


When following up on talent review meetings, you can check errors that occurred while holding or following up on the talent review meeting.


  • On the Follow-Up tab of the talent review meeting, the system displays a link to the error log. The error log contains all error messages that occurred while you were holding or following up on the talent review meeting.

  • If, when performing follow-up activities for a talent, errors occurred, the status Error is also displayed in the follow-up list. You can click on the Error icon to display the relevant error messages.

  • To resolve errors, proceed as follows:

    • Resolve the cause of the error and perform the activity (for example, approving a talent group nomination) again. If the activity was performed successfully the second time, the system sets the status to Completed. The original error message is retained in the error log.

    • If you cannot or do not wish to resolve errors at this time, for example, because the cause of the error is not relevant to the talent review meeting, you can also change the status in the follow-up list manually from Error to Completed. You can also decide whether the error message is to be deleted from the error log.

  • If you want to complete a talent review meeting for which error messages are still open, you need to decide whether all error messages are to be set to the status Completed.