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Function documentationCurriculum


A curriculum comprises of multiple courses with different delivery methods (such as web-based trainings, classroom trainings, online test). A curriculum is a structured training program designed by the training provider.

The learner can select a curriculum from the course catalog. The learner can book or cancel a curriculum. When a course is tagged as exclusive to the curriculum then that course can only be booked as part of the curriculum.


The learner can view the following features displayed on the Curriculum screen:

  • Message area

    Relevant messages depending upon the learner’s activities are displayed. For example, booking or canceling of curriculum.

  • Delivery method

  • General data

  • Booking summary

    The system displays a list of selected or booked courses.

  • Additional links

  • Add or remove from favorites

  • Curriculum description

    The system displays detailed information about the curriculum type. The learner can choose to view more of less information.

  • Prerequisites

    The system displays the courses and qualifications that the learner should possess before booking this curriculum.

  • Attainable qualifications

    The system displays qualification that the learner receives on successful completion of the curriculum.

  • Curriculum date

    The system displays a curriculum for a particular date.

  • Course dates

    The system displays sequence of the courses within the curriculum, the course type, and the delivery method based on selected curriculum dates.


The learner can perform the following activities: