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 Processing Business Partner Data


This application enables you to create, maintain and manage business partners, and use them for integration with other functions.

You can process business partners

  • In the dialog

  • Using BAPIs

  • With the help of the Direct Input (DI) during data transfer

Different business partner data is available to you for this purpose.


You can use the following functions:

Business Partner Functions



Searching for business partners using different search criteria

In the SAP GUI, you carry out searches using the locator. You can also search for business partners through the fast entry, using the input help.

Creating business partners

Different tab pages and data for maintaining business partners are available to you, depending on the settings made in Customizing and the role selected.

For more information on the business partner dialog in the SAP GUI, see Interface Elements in Business Partner.

Displaying and changing business partner data

Creating mass changes in business partner data

Deleting business partners

Using the temporal validity for business partner data

Displaying relationship data in the SAP GUI in the form of a graph

Displaying change documents for a business partner

Managing authorizations for business partners

Configuring and extending business partner data with the help of the Business Data Toolset

Transferring business partner data from an external system

Data cleansing of duplicates

Archiving business partners

Extending business partner data

Distributing business partner data

Integrating business partner data in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI)

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