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Object documentationCollaboration Room


Collaboration means bringing learners (portal users and groups of portal users) and applications together to enable wide-ranging communication on the Web. The collaboration room in the Learning Portal of the SAP Learning Solution enables you to set up virtual learner communities where portal users can speedily and efficiently exchange information with one another. A collaboration room is a flexibly structured, virtual working environment suitable for all sorts of tasks.

There may be one or more collaboration rooms available for each course. For example, a course can be linked with a collaboration room to enable all participants of the course to be part of a virtual learning group. Learners’ access to the functions of the collaboration room depends upon their roles.

When you register for a course to which a collaboration room is assigned, you can display the course and the rooms assigned to it in the Learning Portal. You can enter a room, for example, if you want to communicate with other learners taking the same course, simply by clicking on it. You can also display the collaboration rooms assigned to a course under Collaborations.