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  Processing Request Data


You use this function to process request data and item data for each

wholesaler. Request data and item data have three different purposes:

  • To determine wholesalers from whom sales reports are due

    Pendulum List Indirect Sales uses request data at regular, defined intervals to determine the wholesalers from whom sales reports are due. To do this, Pendulum Indirect Sales checks whether it has:

    • Already processed periods for which the wholesaler is required to report sales

    • To create a sales report request for the expired period

  • To determine customers and objects supplied by the determined wholesaler

    Pendulum List Indirect Sales uses request data to select customers and delivered objects for each wholesaler.

  • To determine assortments and materials procured by a customer or object

    For each wholesaler, Pendulum List Indirect Sales determines the relevant reportable assortments or materials for each customer and object.

    Pendulum List Indirect Sales lists the determined data in a request for each wholesaler. You use these lists to request confirmation of sales for the previous period. A wholesaler should report the sales that they made with each customer from the exploded assortments and the listed single materials.


The prerequisites for processing request and item data are as follows:

  • When processing is performed, the wholesaler, customer and object must already be defined in the customer master in the ERP system for the relevant sales area.

  • To enter request data you must first define the following selection criteria for the request data:

    • Sales area

    • Wholesaler

  • When processing is performed, assortments or materials must already be defined in the ERP system.


The following functions are available for processing conversion data:

  • Creating Request Data

  • Changing Request Data

  • Displaying Request Data


  1. Select the wholesaler whose request data you want to process.

  2. Process the wholesaler’s customer and object data. You can create customer and object data for the following organizations:

    • Wholesaler

    • Sub-wholesalers

    • Branch office

      Note Note

      Wholesalers are generally responsible for reporting their customers’ sales. If those providing the sales reports are from a branch office or a sub-wholesaler, you must enter the name of the branch office or the sub-wholesaler. The system will then process and report the sales under the branch office or sub-wholesaler number.

      If, in some cases, operators of objects report their sales directly to the producer (self-reporter), you can enter this request data in the table without assigning a wholesaler.

      If you do not enter the distribution channel and the division (only possible if you have made the appropriate Customizing setting), you can make entries for different sales areas belonging to a wholesaler at the same time.

      End of the note.

      Note Note

      You may not make multiple entries for customer or object data. The Valid to date must be greater than the Valid from date. The Request date must be greater than the Valid from date and must be within the reporting frequency of the defined period indicator.

      End of the note.
  3. Process the item data (assortments and materials). You can enter item data for each object and customer. You use item data to specify:

    • Which assortments or materials the Pendulum Indirect Sales should list in the different requests for sales reports

    • Which assortments or materials the Pendulum List Indirect Sales should identify as reportable when creating sales requests

    • Whether the specified assortment is an exclusion assortment (incl./excl.)

    • Whether it is a single material.

      Note Note

      Once you have entered and saved the request data records, you can no longer delete them manually.

      End of the note.


Wholesaler 134 supplies object 4711 from customer 112 with the assortment Beer barrel 1804 .

Request data:

The first request date was the 03.31.2000 . From this time on, Pendulum List Indirect Sales first started to include object 4711 from customer 112 from wholesaler 134 when creating a sales report request during the request run. Pendulum List Indirect Sale s issues the sales report request as a file so that you can send the request to the wholesaler electronically and enter the confirmation automatically. The indicator X in the Item column means that item data has been entered for the object.

Sales organization


Distribution channel






Object number


Valid from

Valid to

Request date

Period indicator










Output file



Item data:

The field Origin informs you that the wholesaler for the item of object 4711 has to report sales for an assortment. If the key entered in the Origin column is A instead of S , the material in question is a single material. The assortment/material is defined in the key field. The Inclusive flag indicates that an assortment is being used from which the customer can procure materials. If the Exclusive key is entered in the I nclusive/Exclusive column, this is an exclusion assortment. Pendulum List Indirect Sales excludes assortments and materials flagged like this when creating requests from the lists of articles requiring confirmation. The created request only contains the partial quantity of reportable materials from the inclusive assortment that are not part of the entered exclusion assortments and materials.


Key field





(Assortment list)

1804 (Material/Assortment key)