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Procedure documentationStep 5: Create the OVP Configuration


After you have saved your application configuration in Step 4, you are now on the next screen, where you now have to enter a name for the component configuration.

Note Note

In this step, you are in fact creating the component configuration with forward navigation, although in the header <Application Configuration <your application> is displayed.

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  1. Enter a name for the new Component configuration in the table field Configuration.

  2. Choose Save.

    Note Note

    You can see here in the table columns, going from left to right, the Component Usage is your application and this is where the OVP component is being used. The Component and its Implementation is the OVP component itself, and the last column is the Configuration of the OVP that you are about to create.

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  3. Choose Go to Component Configuration.

  4. Choose Create.

  5. In the dialog box that is displayed now, enter description and package.

  6. In the next screen choose Save.


Now you have created the application, the application configuration, and the main component configuration. For the component configuration, you will now add the details by creating the screens.