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 Mass Reversal of Payment Orders


You can use the report Mass Reversal of Payment Orders to reverse payment orders for a payment run that were created incorrectly.


You have not transferred the payment orders to your house bank yet and the payment orders have not been reversed or have not expired.


In an update run, the program designates the payment orders as reversed. The original receivables in the contract accounts of the business partner are then open again.


  1. Restrict the selection of payment orders using:

    • The ID or the run date of the payment order run

    • The bank data of the payment orders created

    • The business partner for which the run created payment orders, either by payment order number or time of entry

  2. Choose Execute (Execute).

If you do not set the Update Run indicator, the program runs in test mode.

If you set the Detail List indicator, all of the reversible (test run) or reversed (update run) payment orders that meet the selection criteria are displayed.

Note Note

In order to be able to reverse payment orders, you have to have authorization for activity 85 in authorization object F_KKKO_BUK.

End of the note.