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Procedure documentationAssigning Prenumbered Checks to Payment Data


You can use the function Transfer Checks from Payment Run to assign the numbers of prenumbered check forms to the corresponding payment data in a payment run. The check data is transferred to Check Management. You can also display and check previously assigned payment runs here.


To be able to reset the assignment of pre-numbered checks to payment data, you must have authorization for editing function 18 of authorization object F_KK_SOND. You must also have authorization to reverse checks for the affected company codes (authorization object F_KKCR_BUK, activity 85).


  1. Choose one of the following paths:

    • Role

      Start of the navigation path Debit Memos and Payment Run (SAP_FI_CA_DEBMEMOS_PAYMENTRUN) Next navigation step Check Assignment for Payment Run End of the navigation path

    • SAP Easy Access screen

      Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Payment Run Next navigation step Check Assignment to Payment Run End of the navigation path

  2. Select the Payment Run radio button to assign check numbers to payment data for a specific payment run.

    If you select All Non-Assigned Payment Runs, you can assign check numbers to payment data in all payment runs that have not yet been processed.

  3. Choose Continue.

  4. In the list, the payment run for which you want to include the check data in Check Management appears. If check numbers have already been assigned, the checks for each paying financial institution are displayed in a separate line.

  5. Specify the interval for the check numbers assigned in this payment run in the Number From and Number To columns. If check numbers were assigned from multiple intervals (1-10 and 250-270, for example) in a check lot, proceed as follows:

    1. Specify the first check number interval in the appropriate line.

    2. Select the line and choose Start of the navigation path Process Next navigation step Add Additional Line End of the navigation path in the menu.

    3. You can now specify an additional check number interval in the added line. You can repeat the insertion of lines as often as you like. Ensure that the original line is selected first. You can also add lines by clicking on the Number column in the original line.

Provided all the checks in a payment run have the status Open, you can also reset any incorrectly made assignments for the entire payment run. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Assignment Next navigation step Reset End of the navigation path in the menu and enter the payment run.

Example Example

Due to a typing error, the system has created incorrectly numbered checks. You cannot cash the checks sequentially because the system does not recognize the check number.

End of the example.


The check data for the outgoing payments contained in the payment run has been entered in Check Management.

When you reset the assignment, the system deletes the checks from the check register. You can then re-assign the numbers. If clarification cases have already been created during check encashment, you can perform encashment when you process these clarification cases.