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Function documentationSearch in Talent Management


Talent management specialists regularly need to search for employees in the enterprise. For example, they search the talent pool to identify possible successors for important positions or to discuss talents in talent review meetings. They search for additional talent management specialists that hold talent review meetings with them and for managers that they invite to talent review meetings.


  • The search in Talent Management is based on the Embedded Search of SAP NetWeaver.

    For more information, see Embedded Search.

  • The search is available to the talent management specialists in the following places:

    • In the Talent Information application with which they have access to the talent profiles and development plans of the talents in their area of responsibility and can compare talents.

      For more information, see Talent Information (in SAP NetWeaver Business Client) and Workset: Talent Information (in SAP NetWeaver Portal).

    • When planning, preparing, and holding talent review meetings:

      • If they enter additional talent management specialists as processors for the talent review meeting.

      • If they define the participants for the talent review meeting.

      • If they include talents to be discussed in the talent review meeting.

      For more information, see Planning and Preparation of Talent Review Meetings and Conducting Talent Review Meetings.

    • When assigning talents to talent groups

      For more information, see Talent Group.


In Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, you have made the settings under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Search End of the navigation path.


Depending on the settings that you have made in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Search Next navigation step Activate Extended User Interface for Search End of the navigation path, you have the following options available for the search:

Note Note

The talent search is available to talent management specialists only.

The talent search shows talent management specialists only the data for which they have authorization. For more information about the authorizations, see Talent Management Specialist and the section Talent Management and Talent Development of the SAP ERP Central Component Security Guide.

End of the note.