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 Business Partner Relationship


A business partner relationship represents the business connection between two business partners.


In order to create a relationship between two business partners you have to assign a business partner relationship category to the business partner relationship. The business partner relationship category describes the characteristics of the business partner relationship.

You can assign attributes (such as a firm’s address for the contact person relationship) to a relationship, which prevents data being stored redundantly.

You can limit a relationship in time by entering the start date and end date of the relationship. This means that it is possible to get an overview of the periods in which certain business partners were contact persons for a company, for example.


Make the necessary settings for the relationships in the Implementation Guide (IMG) in Customizing of the Business Partner under Business Partner Relationships..


Ms. Lopez at Hansen p.l.c. is the contact person for your company, Smith p.l.c.

You create a contact person relationship with the relationship category “is contact person of” between the business partner “Lopez” having the BP category Person , and the business partner “Hansen” having the BP category Organization.

You assign the firm’s address to Ms. Lopez and create more data, such as the calling and visiting hours.