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  Enterprise Service CashPointPaymentReverseNotification


Reverses payments previously sent.


External cash desk systems can reverse payments that they have sent by means of SAP Exchange Infrastructure . The SAP system receives an XI message that refers to a reversal of an existing external payment and posts it directly in FI-CA. Reversals that could not be run directly receive the status D .


Description of Enterprise Service CashPointPaymentReverseNotification

Type Definition



ID of the cash desk


ID of the branch


ID of payment to be reversed


Value date of reversal

The Enterprise Services for the transfer of payment information and for reversals of payments have a fault message that makes possible error messages visible in the XI monitor (transaction SXMB_MON). If an error occurs during processing of payments or reversals, in exception cases the system creates this fault message. As standard, the system displays payments with errors in the monitor for external cash desk services. For example, an exception is a payment that is reported twice, since this cannot be made persistent uniquely in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable .

All levels of the XI messages offer the option of data type enhancements. With this enhancement logic from SAP Exchange Infrastructure , you can add any information to messages. Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable offers the following events:

  • 6200: Add CashPointPaymentCreateNotification

  • 6205: Add CashPointPaymentReverseNotification

  • 6210: Add to and check external payments

  • 6214: External selections for payments

  • 6215: Add to selection details