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The QuickViewer allows you to define reports without having to program yourself. The QuickViewer is especially useful for new users and occasional use.


QuickViewer is a tool for generating reports. SAP Query offers the user a whole range of options for defining reports. SAP Query also supports different kinds of reports such as basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists. QuickViewer, on the other hand, is a tool that allows even relatively inexperienced users to create basic lists.

QuickView definitions are user-dependent. You can transfer a QuickView into SAP Query in order to make reports, for example, accessible to additional users, or to use the other functions available in SAP Query.

The following is a comparison of QuickViews and queries:

  • QuickViews possess the same functional attributes as queries. However, only basic lists may be defined with QuickViews.

  • In contrast to queries, no user group assignment is necessary with QuickViews. Each user has his/her own personal list of QuickViews. QuickViews cannot be exchanged between users. QuickViews may, however, be converted to queries and then be made available to other users in a specific user group.

  • InfoSets are not required for QuickView definition. Whenever you define a QuickView, you can specify its data source explicitly. Tables, database views, table joins, logical databases, and even InfoSets, can all serve as data sources for a QuickView. You can only use additional tables and additional fields if you use an InfoSet as a data source.

  • The QuickViewer uses various controls. Certain hardware and software requirements must also be fulfilled before you can use the QuickViewer.


To define a QuickView, you select certain fields according to your data source that determine the structure of your report. The report can be executed in basis mode with standard layout or may be edited using drag and drop and the other toolbox functions available in WYSIWYG mode.

Reports created using the QuickViewer may also be passed to external programs (Excel, for example).