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There are various subareas in the SAP Query. Queries, InfoSet Queries, InfoSets, User Groups, and Translation/Query. The QuickViewer is also available to you. This is a tool for simple but also very restricted dataset display.

Calling the Individual tools

To call the individual components, choose the following transactions:


Target User



End Users

Editing and executing Queries and

InfoSet Queries


End Users

Editing and executing QuickViews.


System administrators

Editing InfoSets


System administrators

Editing User Groups



Language Comparison: Translation of text modules


You can switch to one of the other subareas from any screen of the various subareas using the Environment menu.

Additional Administration Functions

  • Authorizations

    The authorization for the various transactions is assigned by the system administrator in the context of the global authorization concept.

  • Work Areas

    The system administrator also sets up work areas, in which a number of queries, InfoSets, and user groups can be administered together.

  • Transporting Query Objects

    Query objects, such as queries themselves, InfoSets, or user groups can be transported, subject to certain prerequisites. In this way, you can transfer a query object created in a test system to a productive system.