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InfoSet Queries are actually a tool for preparing an SAP Query. You can, however, also use InfoSet queries to quickly read data from an InfoSet without first creating a query. Since this procedure is frequently used in the context of ad-hoc reporting, InfoSet queries are sometimes also called Ad-hoc Queries. Queries always represent a selection of data from an InfoSet, that is, InfoSets are always the basis for all queries.

Before you can create an InfoSet query, three basic prerequisites must be fulfilled (usually by the system administrator):

Prerequisite 1: You have the appropriate authorization.

To execute an SAP Query or an InfoSet query, you require authorization for transaction SQ01. If you do not have this authorization, contact your system administrator.

Prerequisite 2: You are assigned to a user group.

All users that want to create or execute queries, must be assigned to at least one user group. The relevant system administrator usually performs the Administration of User Groups. If you only want to execute an InfoSet query, you do not require any additional authorizations. You only require a special authorization if you want to save an InfoSet query. Contact your system administrator in these situations, too.

Prerequisite 3: Suitable InfoSets exist

An InfoSet is a special view of a data source. The structure of an InfoSet is based on the information requirements of the user.

A special authorization is usually required to create an InfoSet and to maintain its properties. Therefore, contact your system administrator to identify the required InfoSet for your tasks, or to have it created. InfoSets can be assigned to different user groups. A suitable InfoSet may already exist for another user group, meaning that only the assignment of this InfoSet needs to be adjusted.

As soon as a suitable InfoSet is available for your user group, you can generate an InfoSet query for it:

  1. Call transaction SQ01. The SAP Query initial screen appears. This screen shows a table of all queries that have been created and stored for your user group. To create an InfoSet query, choose the InfoSet Query button on this screen.

  2. A dialog box appears, showing a table of all of the InfoSets available for your user group. Select the InfoSet you require and confirm the dialog.

  3. The top left of the screen now contains a list of the data fields that you can select for selection or output.

    • Selection: Select all of the table fields that you want to use as selection criteria.

    • Output: Select all of the table fields that are to be listed in the output, matching the entered selection criteria.


    An InfoSet contains parts of various flight booking tables. Choose the Departure Airport field for selection, and the Destination Airport field for output.

  4. There is now a table in the top right of the screen showing all of the fields selected for Selection. The Value field in each row of the table is input-ready, and you can fill out the fields (F4 help).

  5. Then choose Execute or press F8.

  6. A new screen appears, showing all Output entries for the InfoSet that were selected using your entries.


    You have used the input help to select JFK as the value for the Departure Airport selection. As output, you receive (depending on the structure of the underlying InfoSet), for example, a list of all destination airports for which a flight connection from JFK is maintained in the tables.