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A query definition generates an ABAP report with the name ' q' where

  • mm stands for the client in the standard area

    For the clients 0 to 99 mm = 00 - 99.

    For clients > 99, mm = a two-character key determined by the system. In the global area mm=ZZ.

  • b...b stands for your user group

  • q...q stands for the query name

  • Blank characters in names (for example when a user group contains less than 12 characters) are replaced by equals signs ('=').


    To see the name of a query report, choose Start of the navigation path Query Next navigation step Additional Functions Next navigation step Display Report Name End of the navigation path.


    Using queries as a foundation for your own developments is not recommended. Every query has a runtime system assigned to it whose interfaces can change from release to release. Therefore it is in no way guaranteed that queries developed 'by hand' can still be run after a new release has been implemented.