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Up to Release 4.6A, you are able to use the SAP Query interactive functions (EXCEL, table display, display as an interactive list, graphics, and so on) only with single line basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists. From Release 4.6A, almost all multiple- line basic lists are interactive as well, that is they can be treated like single-line basic lists and use the functions described above.

For this type of list you can specify that you want the interactive function to be called directly, that is without the list being displayed first.


For a multiple-line basic list to be interactive, the data displayed in the list must be stored in a (flat) internal table. The line structure of this table is such that all fields of all lines in the basic list are inserted in this line one after the other. Each time a line from a list is displayed, the lines in are transferred to the corresponding fields in the table lines. A new line is attached to the internal table whenever all fields of the table line are filled or when you can see that the fields still missing for a table line no longer appear in the list.

For example, if a basic list with two lines (line 1 and line 2) has been defined, and line 1 can have an infinite number of line 2s, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Exactly one line 2 belongs to each line 1 in the list.

    In this case, exactly one line is inserted in the internal table and it contains the values of both lines.

  • Multiple line 2s belong to each line 1 in the list.

    In this case, multiple lines are inserted in the internal table where the fields found in line 1 are repeated and the fields found in line 2 are set anew for each table line.

  • No 2s belong to the line 1s in the list.

    In this case, exactly one line is inserted in the internal table and an initial value is inserted for the fields from line 2.

If the basic list contains more than two lines, the procedure described above is applied in multiple layers.

In general, all multiple-line basic lists that do not receive their data from a logical database are interactive. If the list retrieves data using a logical database, all fields used in the list have to have a single path in the database. The multiple-line basic lists that are not interactive are those that process fields from parallel tables.