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SAP Query has several options that enable you to transfer the data generated from a query to other software products.

  • To a table calculation program (for example EXCEL) using the XXL interface

  • To a SAP graphic

  • To the EIS system

  • Download to file

The procedure is the same for each case:

  • The generated data is placed in an internal table (data table), where the field sequence and field type correspond to the field sequence and field type displayed in the query list.

  • Another internal table (the description table) contains a description of the individual fields in the data table. Apart from the type and position in the list, the table also contains information about the field names.

  • Both these tables are passed to the software products mentioned above for further processing.

SAP Query makes this interface generally available so that every customer has the option of integrating their own software products. The enhancement SQUE0001 is used.


The introduction of the Additional Function Pool has made the Private Folder function almost obsolete (see Additional Function Pool). However, SAP will continue to support the private folder function for reasons of compatibility. However, we recommended that you gradually move any functions that you have in the Private Folder into the Additional Function Pool.

Be aware that functions in the additional function pool can only be accessed online and cannot be called in the background. The private folder, however, can be accessed during background processing.

SQUE0001 consists of the following two components:

  • Function Module EXIT_RSAQEXCE_001

  • Menu enhancement RSAQEXCE+DAT

When you activate the enhancement (transaction CMOD), each report that is generated by the query is given access to an additional interactive Private Folder function (function code: +DAT). This function calls the function module mentioned above.

The tables mentioned above (data table and description table) are passed on to the function module. In addition, the selection screen contains an extra parameter which, like the other interactive functions (EXCEL, Graphics, EIS, Download to file, Save, and so on), allows the user to call the Private Folder function directly, that is without having to display the list first. Since the parameter on the selection screen is called Private Folder, we recommend that you give the menu enhancement the same name.


When you have activated the enhancement, you need to regenerate all the queries, so that the additional parameter appears on the selection screen. The best way to do this is to choose Goto Query Directory function in the component for maintaining InfoSets.

More Information

For more information, see Function Module EXIT_RSAQEXCE_001.