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The layout window contains several toolbars for changing list layout and attributes. A toolbar is made up of a frame containing a header and other elements depending on the type of toolbar it is (icons, for example).

Notes on the functions available from individual toolbars are displayed in the lower left window on your screen whenever you click on a toolbar's header. Consult the corresponding passages in the online documentation on the Query Painter for more detailed information.

The following is a list of the functions available for switching toolbars on/off and altering their position on the screen:

Hiding all toolbars

Choose the pushbutton All tools on/off to hide or redisplay all toolbars at the same time.

Hiding individual toolbars

Right click on a toolbar's header after have selected the toolbar as a whole. A deactivation pushbutton appears for hiding that toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the entries found in the Tools menu to activate/deactivate individual toolbars.


The toolbars Toolbox and Trash can can be displayed horizontally. Right click their headers and then choose Horizontal.

Moving toolbars

Clicking on a toolbar's header changes your pointer into a move cursor (cross). You can now reposition this toolbar.


The Counting fields toolbar is not switched on in the standard. To do so, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Counting Fields On/Off End of the navigation path.