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The following List Line Output Options are available:

  • Line Color

    You can assign a line a color in the following way:

    • Call the possible values help for Line color from list line output options in the left lower window and choose Apply.

    • Select a color from the toolbar for additional functions (toolbox) and drag it to the line you want.

    The colors available are described by terms which identify their use in SAP standard displays.


    You can also assign specific colors to the individual fields in a line independent of the line color.

  • Blank space before/after this line

    You can determine if you want a blank line to be inserted in front of or after a line. To do so proceed as follows:

    • Enter the number of empty lines you want to have before or after the line under List Line Output Options in the lower left-hand window on the screen. Confirm your entries using the Apply pushbutton.

    • Select the Insert Line icon from the toolbar for additional functions (toolbox) and drag it to the line you want. An empty line is inserted after each current line.

  • Redisplay line in header

    This option allows you to repeat certain lines in every page header.


    For example, a query contains a flight connection (line 1) for multiple flights (line 2). This means that if you are working with a fixed page size (which is always the case when printing), one page may contain only lines with flights. However, if you select the option Redisplay line in header for line 1 (flight connection information), the line containing the flight connection will be output on each new page. Therefore, it is always easy to see to which flight connection the flights on each page belong.

  • New pages

    If you select the option New page for a line, the system inserts a page break a new page before outputting this line.

  • Display only in connection with line n

    This option allows you to specify in connection with which line you want to output specific data. For example, flight connections (line 1) should only be displayed in connection with flights (line 2). In this case you must enter 2 in field Display only in connection with line n in the output options for line 1. You can now generate a list containing only those flight connections for which flights exist.