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Using separators makes list display clearer and more readily understandable.


Whenever you create a list in the Query Painter, it is framed automatically and its header and footer are set off from the body of the list with underscores.

You can decide if you want to display slashes before and after lines and if column separators make sense. These options are available as List Line Output Options.

You can also drag the separator icon from the toolbox to a specific line to insert column separators. Drag the Undo icon to that line to undo your choice. Drag the Undo icon to that line to undo your choice.

Use this technique to undo the automatic selections mentioned above if you do not want your list's columns and lines to be separated. You can also delete the frame around your list on the List Line Output Options screen. However, be aware that separators can only be used between individual column fields and lines if the list itself is framed.