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You can select list fields in the upper left window of the Query Painter. The fields are displayed in a tree whose structure is derived from that of the data source. If your data source is a logical database, this tree's nodes are the nodes found in the logical database. With joins, each table's individual nodes make up the node of the tree. All fields are found under their corresponding node.

Each field has two radio buttons assigned to it. Marking the first radio button selects the field and transfers it to the layout window (and thus automatically to the list). You can also select a field by simply double-clicking on the field name. The second radio button allows you to use the field as an additional selection criterion.

Selected fields are highlighted in color. Depending on how many fields you select, the are either inserted one after the other in a single line or in multiple lines.

If you do not want to fill every line, but instead want to move to the next line and resume filling there, you can insert new lines using the Insert line symbol in the toolbox. Those lines you have selected are then placed in the new line inserted.

To delete selected fields, undo the field's selection, or drag the trash can icon from the appropriate toolbar to the field you want to delete. Deleted fields are stored in the trash and can be re-inserted into the list according to need. The fields attributes remain the same as when they were deleted.


The system empties the trash whenever you exit the program.


Be aware that example data is used when structuring the list. The factual consistency of data in the layout mode is, in contrast to data displayed at list execution, not guaranteed.