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Before you can execute one of the following functions, you must choose a QuickView, by either selecting it from the table control on your initial screen or entering its name in the appropriate input field.




Displays the QuickView definition details. All screens are displayed in the same manner as if the QuickView were being changed, however no new entries can be made.


You receive an overview containing general information about a QuickView and options.

  • QuickView title

  • Author and last person to make changes

  • Remarks specific to that QuickView

  • Origin of the selected data

  • Saved lists

  • Additional selections


Choose a name for the QuickView in the dialog box and confirm your entry.


Choose another name for the QuickView in the dialog box and confirm your entry.


Deletes the QuickView after asking you to confirm that this is what you want to do.

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Adjusts differences between the QuickView and InfoSet.

If you create QuickViews based on InfoSets, differences in individual field definitions may occur between a QuickView and its associated InfoSet.


Suppose you have created a QuickView using an InfoSet and have already executed it a number of times. Your system administrator then modifies an InfoSet field by changing the type of field you use in the QuickView. The next time you want to work with the QuickView, you get a message informing you that differences exist between the QuickView and the InfoSet.

If differences occur between QuickViews and InfoSets, you should terminate processing and carry out a comparison between the QuickView and the InfoSet.

When you carry out an adjustment you see a list of all the fields that are defined differently, together with information about how the field definition has changed and where the field is used in the QuickView. The system gives you an automatic adjustment option for individual fields. At the end of the list, there are some notes telling you what to look out for with automatic adjustment and what you must do, if you want to carry out the adjustment yourself.

Layout display

The principle structure of the list created by the QuickView is displayed.

SAP Query

This pushbutton takes you to query maintenance.


To edit a QuickView in SAP Query, choose Start of the navigation path Query Next navigation step Convert QuickView End of the navigation path from the initial screen in SAP Query. For more information, see Converting QuickViews to Queries.