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You can use colors in lists to highlight specific information.


Select a color from the appropriate toolbox and drag it to the line you want (not to a list field). This line is now displayed in that color. In addition, you may also choose colors from the line options in the window in the lower left-hand corner using the possible values help. Selecting Apply then assigns the color to a line.

The Hierarchy Display

You may use the pushbutton Node Assignment in the application toolbar of the Query Painter to highlight parts of your hierarchy display in color. When you choose this pushbutton, individual hierarchy levels are automatically displayed in different colors depending on their position in the logical database or functional area. This allows you to discern which fields belong to which level of the hierarchy and more easily order different lines these fields when creating multiple-line basic lists.

This highlighting is temporary and does not affect the colors you have selected for list display in any way. Choose Node Assignment once again to switch off these colors. An example can be found in the section Totaling and Counting Fields.

Many examples found in this documentation (the one above as well) are based upon logical database F1S. This database contains the tables SPFLI, SFLIGHT, and SBOOK. For each record (flight connection) in SPFLI, there are several records (flights for each flight connection) in SFLIGHT. For each record in SFLIGHT, the table SBOOK contains one record for each booking made.

See also the section Logical Database F1S.