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Selecting List FieldsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You choose what fields you want to appear on your list on the following screen.

Select Available Fields that you need for your list from the table control on the right. The pushbutton ( Column left) allows you to transfer fields into the table control on the left.

If you want to accept all available fields in your list, use the Page left pushbutton (double-arrow). Page right allows you to reset this selection.

Determine in which order you want your fields to be output. If you want to move a field forward in the sequence, select it and choose the Previous value pushbutton (Arrow pointing upwards). Use the downward arrow to pass fields down the list.

Insert line allows you to determine where a line should wrap in multiple-line basic lists.


The Technical name <> Long text pushbutton in the application toolbar allows you to switch between a field's technical name and long text whenever you want to.