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You have executed a query and chosen ABAP List as the display format.

You can call the text processing function from both the list display and the table display ( Display as Table ).


There are two different functions available with text processing:

  • Form letters using MS Word

    A Word file is created using the data from the current partial list and is linked to another Word document. Substitution variables can be incorporated into the Word document and these can be filled with values from the created Word file. Special functions are made available to MS Word using OLE2 for this purpose.

    The form letter function can be used only if MS Word is installed on the PC.

  • Creating a Document

    The current partial list can be stored on the presentation server as a file in RTF format. This format is used because it means that the file can be used as a Word document. One can specify whether the colors in the list should be taken into account. The filename (the complete path) must be specified in the dialog. If MS Word is installed on the PC then it can be used immediately for editing the file created.


    Only the form letter functionality can be called from the table display. Suppressed lines and columns will not appear in the Word document.