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Three functions are available to execute a query online:

  • Execute

  • Execute with Variant

    If you choose the Execute with Variant function, a dialog box appears in which you can enter the name of the variant (more information: Variants).

  • Test

    This function allows you to limit the number of database accesses, making it useful for test purposes.

    After calling up the function, a dialog box appears in which you can specify the maximum number of data records to be read. Each data record read counts as a database access. If you are using a logical database to select data from multiple tables, all records from the tables used are counted. Once the maximum number of database accesses has been reached, data selection is terminated. You can also enter a variant in this box if you want to execute with a variant (See Variants).


    You can create one standard variant per query. This standard variant is always used when you choose Execute.

    If you select Exec. with variant, the system sets the standard variant as the default value (more information: Assigning Title, Format, and Notes).